12 Key Facts About Fraxel Laser Repair Treatment

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Throughout the years, scientists and researchers have been able to make some astounding medical breakthroughs. Some of the most ingenious innovations have been able to save lives, improve conditions and help fight dangerous diseases. Vaccines, antisepsis and antibiotics have all proven to be very valuable. Now, we’re looking at a potential new advancement in health care, Fraxel. Although only time will tell, so far, the machine is certainly sparking plenty of individual curiosities.

12. What Is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

In an attempt to simplify things, the Fraxel repair system is nothing more than a fractional laser. In all likelihood, you’ve probably never heard of this type of medical treatment and still can’t grasp the concept. This treatment, which is non-invasive, relies on a highly innovative machine to target and treat small patches of the skin. The machine uses powerful laser beams, which include thousands of individualized, microscopic particles, to enhance the appearance of the skin. Although it seems complex, the entire purpose of Fraxel laser surgery is to remove aging signs from the skin in a safe and non-invasive manner.

Fraxel laser treatments can be utilized for a wide range of purposes and offers innumerable benefits. The most common purpose of Fraxel laser skin resurfacing, is to target and remove fine lines and wrinkles from the facial area, but it can successfully improve the appearance of skin pigmentation and scarring, whether caused from acne or surgery. Of course, the Fraxel laser is fairly versatile and can be used on other area of the body. When used in this fashion, Fraxel can effectively target and remove those unsightly stretch marks that refuse to disappear, even with dieting and exercise.

Anyone, who feels the need to improve his or her overall appearance, can certainly do so, by using this amazing procedure. Regardless of age or sex, this treatment can successfully target and remove fine lines, dyschromia and signs of aging. It is recommended that anyone under the age of eighteen to refrain from this treatment but because this specific system is non-ablative, it is gentler and frequently recommended for those under the age of fifty.

With the new Fraxel Restore Dual Laser, there will be a recovery time of approximately ten days, so be prepared to take some time off and relax. It is important to note that your appearance will actually worsen, after the procedure, before it begins to improve. In general, most patients will need to undergo three to five treatments, which are spread out over a period of several months. Although it depends on your specific surgery, it is possible to experience results in a matter of weeks, but others, who are undergoing a series of treatments, might need to wait several months.

11 So How Much Does Fraxel Laser Cost & Is It Good Value?

In essence, the overall cost of Fraxel treatment will differ significantly depending on several different factors, including your residential region, choice of doctor and the treatment area. If you’re looking for full facial resurfacing, you should know that the Fraxel laser cost is anywhere between nine hundred and fourteen hundred dollars. The Fraxel restore cost will increase drastically, if you decide to also treat your eyelids. In most cases, the actual cost of the procedure will not exceed two thousand dollars, even if you receive the full facial treatment, with the eyelids included.

Many people will automatically recoil at this level of cost outlay whilst others will continue to question, “is Fraxel worth it?” In honesty, it is truly difficult for someone to answer this question for you. It is important to take your specific desires into mind, before making your decision. Some, who wish to rid their face of scars or burn marks, will definitely agree that the procedure is well worth the price. Since this type of laser treatment is non-invasive and remarkably effective, it certainly adds justification to the high price. When you contemplate the cost of covering up a blemished face using creams and powders for the rest of your life, the price becomes even acceptable.

10 Fraxel For Acne Scars ?

Fraxel For Acne Scars

Image : clearclinic.com

Acne is a life altering condition, which can leave your body covered with scars. In fact, it is estimated that approximately thirty percent of those who suffer from moderate or severe acne, will end up with acne scars. It is extremely common for these to appear on an individual’s back, chest, and unfortunately on the face. In order to deal with these unsightly blemishes, many patients will undergo “needling”, which is actually a very intrusive method that penetrates the papillary dermis, in an attempt to motivate the body to produce collagen and repair the scar.

By relying on Fraxel restore acne scars, the epidermis will never be penetrated, which prevents unnecessary harm to the skin. With this enhanced laser treatment, the patient will be able to recover in a much quicker period of time thanks to the non-ablative laser. More and more dermatologists are recommending the Fraxel laser for acne scars, because it is non-invasive, less risky and offers an improved recovery time. Of course, the overall effectiveness of the procedure is extraordinary and thus only adds to the value. Before attempting to undergo this type of treatment for acne scarring, it is crucial to get the acne under control first.

9 How about Fraxel Laser For Sunspots & Damage Caused By The Sun?

As we age, our skin will begin to show the pressure and strain we’ve put it through over the years. The most likely imperfections, will be sunspots and other damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Those who have light or fair skin, will begin to develop brown or tan spots, due to exposure to the sun. These can appear anywhere on the skin, but usually target the areas, which are frequently exposed to sunshine. Many experts have started using the Fraxel laser system, as a corrective procedure for these blemishes. Although the results will differ depending on your skin tone and the severity of your sunspots, most are able to experience significant improvements.

In a majority of situations, the patient will exhibit improvements after the first treatment. Although the downtime for a single treatment is around ten days, women will be able to start wearing makeup, after three days. This will get your sunspots fixed and get you back to work in a much quicker amount of time than the older CO2 lasers, which come with increased dangers.

8 Fraxel Laser For Aging Spots

Fraxel for Aging Spots

Imahe : www.dermacaremedical.com

As the skin begins to age, it is very common to experience several types of blemishes, with wrinkles leading the way. In order to keep their youthfulness, an individual may go to extreme measures of laying on makeups and creams. While the results are debatable, some suggest serums can help lighten aging spots.

To fully remove those fine lines, it is important to tighten the skin. One effective way to improve the skin’s elasticity is to undergo laser treatments. Through repeated uses and research studies, it has been proven time and again that these treatments can help to turn back time and remove abnormal discoloration of the skin, but this is not all. To add to the benefits, it is also possible to tighten the skin and promote collagen production through these methods. By using Fraxel, you’ll be able to benefit from intricate results, without the extended recovery time of other more dangerous lasers.

7 Fraxel Laser For Melasma

While Melasma is less frequently recognized than other types of skin conditions, the symptoms are very familiar. If you have brown or grayish brown patches of skin on your face or arms, you may be a sufferer of this condition. In general, most patients will exhibit patches on their nose, chin, forehead, cheeks, and above the upper lip. Still, it is possible to develop these blemishes on the neck and forearms, if they receive enough exposure to the sun, which actually compounds the problem.

Despite all of those miracle products, you should remember there is no cure for Melasma. However, it is possible to combat and treat the condition, by relying on specific laser treatments, such as the Fraxel restore. Due to the abnormal risk of inflammatory hyperpigmentation after the operation, it is recommended to stay with a fractionated carbon dioxide laser. With this specific instrument, you will be able to lower your risks of complications.

6 Fraxel Laser For Actinic Keratosis (AK)

Fraxel for Actinic Keratosis

It has been estimated that more than fifty-eight million Americans currently suffer from Actinic Keratosis, which is also referred to as solar keratosis. In most situations, these crusty lesions will appear on parts of the skin, which receive the most exposure to the sun. If you’re suffering from these growths, it is imperative to seek out medical advice, since they can develop into skin cancer.

When it comes to using Fraxel for these growths, you should remember that most medical experts suggest this laser isn’t strong enough. If you must go this route though, it is recommended to choose the ablative laser, or the Fraxel Repair, which may be able to offer effective results. Others insist the patient take other forms of treatment, in order to rectify the problem, with photodynamic therapy topping the list. Either way, you should make sure to seek out medical attention immediately to prevent progression of the growth.

5 Fraxel Laser For Skin Resurfacing

Individuals, who’ve lived difficult lives or have exposed themselves to high levels of ultraviolet rays, will experience increased facial wrinkling, crow’s feet, and other flaws on the skin. One way to overcome these problems is to undergo skin resurfacing, but you will need to make sure you’re a good candidate, before you proceed. Regardless of age, it is possible to benefit from this treatment and repair areas of the skin, which have been damaged by the sun. As already mentioned, the effects of acne and other types of scars, can be improved with these procedures.

In order to determine the overall effectiveness of the Fraxel laser for resurfacing your skin, you must assess the severity of your condition, whether it is wrinkles, spots, or scars. Just remember that this specific type of laser resurfacing may require several visits to your treatment center, before you experience the type of results you’re seeking. Still, the lessened recovery time is enough to recommend Fraxel for this procedure.

4 Fraxel Laser For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Fraxel for Pregnancy Stretch marks

Image: www.sicknessnhealth.com

Giving birth is certainly one of the most exciting and memorable moments in your entire life, but it puts your body under extreme duress. You’ll gain an excessive amount of weight, in order to properly care and nurture your offspring. This can cause the female to develop pregnancy stretch marks, which can be visible for the entirety of their lives. Although there are certain products, which have been specifically designed for eliminating stretch marks, they tend to be unreliable.

In more recent times, many medical experts have relied on the power of lasers to help target and fade stretch marks. In general, it is recommended to use a non-ablative laser, which is much less dangerous. With Fraxel, most patients will start to exhibit minor results within ten days of the initial treatment. Depending on the overall severity of the marks, you may need to undergo several additional treatments, before you’ll receive the results you desire.


3 Fraxel Laser Side Effects

Before attempting to undergo any type of medical treatment, whether invasive, or non-invasive, it is crucial to make sure you know the side effects. In this regard, you will want to check out the potential Fraxel Laser side effects, before paying and agreeing to suffer through the procedure. Many people will have doubts leading up to the day of the surgery. Well, is Fraxel safe? Most medical experts would agree that the procedure is actually very safe, when it is performed by a skilled practitioner.

In all truthfulness, the Fraxel laser treatment dangers will vary depending on your specific treatment and the skill, experience and knowledge of the medical professional. When it comes to less dangerous side effects, most individuals will suffer from some type of swelling and redness, after the procedure. Of course, these will begin to subside, within a matter of a few days. An acute stinging sensation may be felt, during the procedure.

2 Fraxel Laser Treatment Customer Reviews

When it comes down to it, there are a number of things that should be done, before seeking treatment. You will want to begin seeking out and reading the Fraxel laser reviews. In this situation, you will find helpful information that can help you determine, whether or not the surgery is right for you. By relying on Fraxel reviews, you will learn about the experiences of other individuals, who were brave enough to endure the treatment.

How did these individuals feel, during the treatment? Did they experience any intense pain or concerning sensations? When you read the Fraxel restore reviews, you will see that many people did not experience any pain at all, which is definitely compelling. It is also wise to rely on this information to figure out how to properly prepare for your post-op surgery recovery. Depending on your specific treatment and type of instrument, you may be out of commission for a few days.

It is extremely helpful to read and take Fraxel dual reviews into consideration, when contemplating the procedure. While reading this helpful information, you will find that many patients, who were willing to pay the costs and endure the recovery time, agree that the treatment was well worth it. Still, it is wise to read the information, which has been provided by those, who underwent the procedure before you, in order to prepare and to know exactly what to expect.

1 Fraxel Laser Before and After

Fraxel Laser Before and After

Image: www.lazaderm.com

Finally, it is time to have a glance at the amazing Fraxel results. By looking at these images, you will be able to see the superb Fraxel restore before and after pictures, which help to emphasize the effectiveness of the procedure. When you look closely, you can see the accuracy of the lasers. Whether you’re suffering from acne scars or excessive wrinkles, you’ll want to check out these Fraxel dual laser reviews, in order to get an idel of the outcome.

While looking at the Fraxel laser results, you should remember that everyone would experience different results from the treatment. Regardless of the situation and this acknowledgement, the results are clearly obviously, within the Fraxel before after images.

When you take a moment to explore the Fraxel before and after acne scars, you will be able to see the true results of a modern medical marvel. After that, you’ll want to be sure to consider following suit and improving your own appearance.


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